The White Cliffs of Dover


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While the capital of England has become quite a frequent destination amongst people who travel often and certainly within the first few cities on the list to visit for people who don’t travel as much, London’s unexplored backyard has a lot more to offer than the city itself. 
In the spring of 2017 me and Leš went to visit my best friend Anđela who recently moved to London. It was a great opportunity to take a bit more time in England than we usually did before. For 8 long and surprisingly sunny days we explored the city and had such a good time, but in the middle of all of it we really wanted to escape the bustle and find a quieter place to spend our time. That’s when I found the White Cliffs of Dover. Maybe some of you have already seen it in movies and I recently saw it in Luther, a TV series I’m watching. For locals, this place seems to be a constant weekend getaway, but luckily, it is still a bit unknown to majority of tourists visiting London. 

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Contrary to that, it is rather easy to get to the White Cliffs. We took the bus from London Victoria Coach Station to Dover city centre. The bus leaves London every 2 or 3 hours and the journey takes around 2 hours (or a bit more due to traffic) in one direction. We bought our tickets online here and payed 10 pounds each for a return ticket. Make sure to get to Victoria bus station on time because it is very chaotic and you have 3 or 4 different departure buildings so it took us quite a long time to find ours and we almost missed our bus. If I were to go again, I would arrive to the station an hour early at least! Nevertheless, the bus was really comfy and it had different charging plugs and wifi so you can enjoy your ride to the fullest. When you finally get to Dover (the very last station near the port, you can see it on the map below) you will follow this path to the visitor centre.
When you reach the visitor centre (which was closed during our visit) you should move further and explore the cliffs. You have few paths and viewpoints along the way and the views are magnificent 🙂

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We were quite lucky to have the cliffs all to ourselves and I was really happy for weather to be so moody because it fit perfectly to the surroundings and the pictures turned out just how I imagined. I would looove to go back now and take few shots with a drone as well 🙂 

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The wildlife here is so precious, I spent half of my time looking at flowers I’ve never seen before and the grass is so comfy and soft you will feel like your feet aren’t touching the ground at all. If it wasn’t so windy I could have spent days here just walking and staring at the plants. You can read more about the wildlife
here and also you can find all the other info about getting there, opening times, what to do, visiting the lighthouse and many other things you may want to know before your visit. It is of course free to go, but bring some money to try the famous fish and chips in the town of Dover. The restaurant is called Castle Take Away and it is considered one of the best in the area and yes, it was really good (I mean as the fish and chips go).

Moreover, take a walk through the town, it is really cute and we even found one nice place with a really good hot chocolate to heat up ourselves and spend the rest of our time until the bus arrives. We didn’t wait for the bus at the same station near the port where we got off, but the one in the city centre. You will see where it is when arriving from London but just make sure you don’t forget the location, or just use the wifi in the bus to pin it on your google maps or another similar app that can work with GPS only so you won’t need internet later for finding it.

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All in all, looking back now this was one of my favourite spontaneous decisions while on the road! If you ever find yourselves in London with some spare time, I recommend doing the same. If you do, I hope this article will help you in some way even though it wasn’t difficult at all for us without any previous knowledge.

Stay adventurous and I wish you happy travels! 🙂

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