Our first time in Belgrade

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Something so close to my country and yet somehow it seemed so distant and never along the way for me definitely was Belgrade. At least until last June (2018). What prevailed and made us buy the tickets were our friends from Serbia we’ve met through Instagram so Leš and I decided it was finally time to go meet them and we were really excited to do so :) 

I just want to be up front and say I won't be writing the usual useful travel information and how to make your way around because the purpose of our stay this time was purely to have good time and hang out with our friends. I will just post my favourite shots with brief descriptions from those few days so I apologise for not being as informative as it could be.

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What we did first was, of course, coffee (we are both huge addicts). Kafeterija (eng. cafeteria) seemed convenient enough just because of its name but what made us walk in was the smell of coffee my nose was able to detect waay before the entrance. I was blown away by the interior but later I learned that Belgrade has some strange competitiveness among the restaurants and coffee shops so basically everyone makes a lot effort to have the best interiors in town. Still, we really enjoyed our time here and we enjoyed our coffee and breakfast even more. Cheese on cheese on cheese!

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After the breakfast we were joined by our friend Jelena, the smartest and funniest person ever! After many many long hugs and a huge disbelief we are in front of each other now, we went to the Belgrade botanical garden where I left a piece of my heart for how magical it was!

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Jelena also took us to some of her favourite restaurants like Plato (twice) and showed us some cool spots with a bunch of street art which we would never find without a local.

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I wasn't really paying much attention to where we are and how did we get there so I can't really say how to get around the city, but I know you don't need any kind of public transportation because everything is actually within a walking distance. We walked everywhere and saw pretty much every part of Belgrade city centre during those 3 days.

The main street, Knez Mihailova (eng. Prince Michael Street) is the main pedestrian and shopping zone in Belgrade which you can't miss during your stay. My advice is to go early in the morning (we took a stroll around 9 am on Sunday) to take some pictures with no people because otherwise there's no way to achieve that.
I always strive to take pictures when it's still rather early because I don't have to wait for the perfect moment where there's no potential photo bombers. I am really patient and I can wait for a long time for that moment to come, but if I can do it without waiting, sign me up! Besides, early mornings tend to have softer light because of the sunrise so photos turn out better the earlier they are taken. The same advice goes for sunset period. People usually leave landmarks, city centres, rooftops etc. just before the dark so you have better chance during that time to beat the crowds and being alone in all of your shots!

On our last day Jelena introduced us to her two best friends Nena and Aleks. They suggested we go for an ice-cream and I am so sad now not to have taken pictures of it. The place is called Crna Ovca (eng. Black Sheep) and it was the best ice-cream of my life (I tried pistachio of course). They are making all the flavours by themselves with natural ingredients and they put so much effort in getting the perfect recipe you can taste it! I can't describe how good it was, I can only advise you to try it if you have a chance :)

Another amazing person we've met was Nemanja. He doesn't live in Belgrade but he came there to meet with us and we are so honoured he did. Nemanja is an illustrator and besides he is the most interesting storyteller ever. I could listen to his travel anecdotes  all - day - long. We met with him on our first day and I was so tired I forgot to take my camera with me. I should have because he took us to meet with his friends Saška and Dejan in Boho Bar which is located on the top of Belgrade Fortress and it has the most amazing laid down vibe and I won't even mention the views.

All in all, I was really impressed with Belgrade's beautiful interiors, amazing people and let's be honest, cheap prices! My plan definitely is to go back again and explore the city even more because 3 days are just not enough to try all the food there is and drink all the coffee and cocktails they have, especially when they are much cheaper than in Croatia.
I really hope I discovered something new for anyone reading and I really wish you the best time if you ever plan to visit Belgrade (again). I know I will! 
Stay adventurous and happy travels! :)

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