After two magnificent weeks in Iceland we were sadly headed back home. We originally flew to Reykjavik from Copenhagen but didn't visit it since we were spending truly great time in Malmo and we didn't ever want to leave. On our way back we gladly decided to make another quick stop before going home for good. With only 3 days to see everything I always wanted in Copenhagen we managed to tick off quite the number of things from my pretty long list.
We stayed at A&O Copenhagen. It is a hostel but we took a private room since the price was quite affordable. TIP: This is a very expensive city so I recommend taking the Copenhagen card if you plan to use the public transport and see some attractions. On their website you can tick the places you want to see and calculate how much money you can save by using the Copenhagen card instead of buying tickets for each attraction. We saved about 100 euros per person! Also if you're going to use the public transport download the app called Rejseplanen. Just type where do you want to go from your current location and the app will tell you what kind of public transport you need to use to get there the fastest. I used it all the time!
The very first place we have visited was naturally the Copenhagen Botanical garden. As you might already know all of us (Leš, Nina and me) are extreme suckers for botanical gardens and we would rather starve than skip the visit!
Firstly, to make your visit free, if you have the CPH card go to the nearby History museum and show your card. They will give you the receipt which you will then show at the entrance to the garden. I really don't know why they made it so difficult but it is a 3 minute walk from the garden to the museum so it's not that big of a deal. Also you save 20 euros per person if you do this so I guess it is worth doing it for most of the people. Since we were already at the museum we wanted to see the dinosaurs so we spent half an hour there first. It was interesting but I was too eager to go to the garden I couldn't maintain my concentration haha!

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Oh, these staircases! After some time of taking photos we finally (and sadly) moved on and went for a walk in the most famous part of the town - Nyhavn!

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This part of Copenhagen is very 'touristy' but so beautiful and you mustn't miss it! It is quite hard to catch the houses without any unwanted people in your frame but if you are patient you just need to take some time to make it happen. It became very crowded soon so we took the bus to the Experimentarium! 

I didn't take any photos other than the staircase but I recommend the visit to all the science lovers! We spent around 4h inside having such a good time. For me the highlight was definitely being inside of the human body replica!

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Just outside the Experimentarium you can find the Espresso House, my all time favourite place for a coffee in Scandinavian countries. I won't even talk about the interiors (which are completely different in each location), but oh my god the coffee! So rich and creamy you don't ever want it to be gone. We took every opportunity to go for a coffee here and I must say I miss it everyday

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The daylight was fading away at this time so we went somewhere we didn't need the light anymore - National Aquarium Denmark. Such an inspirational place; from the building architecture all the way to the atmosphere inside. If you have time, just come here to chill. You can easily spend hours by the big aquarium watching these amazing animals coexist so peacefully and be mesmerised by the beauty of it all.

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The next day was reserved for the famous Tivoli - a 19 century amusement park, but unfortunately for us it was closed due to the Christmas decorating period that lasted few weeks. It was included into the CPH card so it was a bummer! We did take few photos at the entrance though :) Tivoli is also a second oldest amusement park in the world that still works!

Later on, we didn't really know what to do so we looked at the Copenhagen card brochure to see what else is included. The canal tour was just starting so we decided to hop on. It wasn't very exciting but it gives you a different perspective other than the usual pedestrian one. After the tour we wanted to see the Christiania. It is one of the biggest squats in Europe consisting of at least 800 people and many many little shops and locals in general operated by their community. I didn't take any photos because I was feeling like I would be an intruder to their intimacy and personal space. I recommend the visit but be prepared to see some unusual things and people there for sure.

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Our next stop was Grundvigs Church! It is a must if you are interested in architecture since this is a rare example of expressionism in church architecture! 

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  After the church we took a half an hour walk to the Superkilen park. It is another location we were interested in because we were learning about it during college. It is a rather fun place for all kinds of people!

While we were in Copenhagen, Leš got in touch with friends from his Work and Travel experience who opened their little Croatian pancake shop called Royal Pancake Copenhagen. I was craving for some home cooked meals and these pancakes reminded me of my mom's so I was one happy gal! Huge recommendations if you ever visit Copenhagen, you will love this place I swear.
With our bellies full we soon headed to the Tycho Brahe Planetarium. Again, another place I greatly recommend if you are a science lover. We learned so much about the space, the Big Bang, planets, some current researches and so on.
Finally, afterwards we reached our final location in this amazing city - The Round Tower or Rundetaarn. It was originally built as an astronomical observatory which it is, but nowadays it is mostly recognised for its special architecture (no stairs only a ramp) and its magical views from the rooftop!

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And that's it! Hope you find some of these information interesting and/or helpful. Copenhagen is really a city for everyone and you will definitely find fun things no matter what makes your heart skip a beat. I fell in love with it at first sight and I'm so happy now I finally visited it after wanting that for so many years. Can't wait to come back!

Stay adventurous and I wish you happy travels!

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