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On our long way to Iceland (October 2018) we eagerly decided to stop in Sweden and Denmark because Leš wanted to do a guest spot in Something Malmo tattoo studio. It was at the same time a tremendous opportunity to catch a glimpse of what Nina's life would look like soon since she applied for college in Aarhus, Denmark! My sister is my other half and basically my whole life so I was excited to be in position to reward her with this vacation to all three of her dream countries (Sweden, Denmark and Iceland). 

Firstly we arrived in Malmo (we took a plane from Budapest) and stayed there for 4 days. My god what a city! I'm still blown away by everything I've seen and experienced during our visit. I went there with zero expectations and ended up wanting to live in Sweden. Malmo is now my all time favourite city and if I didn't love my life in Zagreb this much I would definitely go live there this instant. What I love about Malmo the most is that you have all the activities and opportunities that big cities have but there is no rush, there is time for everything and no crowds at all! Also Copenhagen is half an hour away and the prices are rather reasonable considering it's Sweden. People are so nice and helpful, everyone speaks english and the streets are so so clean and filled with trees and plants in general. There are so many beautiful parks and open spaces we spent much of our time outdoors enjoying Swedish autumn. Our favourite was definitely the Pildammsparken!

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We also spent a lot of our time in local interior stores because, well, you're in Sweden and your eyes cry otherwise. I was constantly inspired by everything around me and that is also a great reason why I loved it so much in Malmo.

If you ever find yourselves there, I recommend taking a walk through Malmo's waterfront. I might be slightly professionally deformed since I have a degree in landscape architecture, but this part of Malmo is astonishingly designed and they used every inch of the coastline so well. This is also a very rich and exclusive part of the city with many many modern villas and private buildings with amazing sea view. On the way there we also found some cute blue tin houses which looked so Swedish so naturally we took some pictures :D

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The place in Malmo we loved the most was definitely the library (Malmö stadsbibliotek). The building is rather magnificent and you could spend hours and hours in here without even noticing. Also, make sure you visit the nearby magnificent graveyard (Gamla Kyrkogarden) and near its entrance you can try the best falafels in town! 

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In the middle of it all, we were walking by a city bus station and the next bus on the table was for Lund so we abruptly decided to go. It was a 20 minute ride so why not! Lund is mostly a student town with many universities and the majority of citizens are among younger population. It's a really small town so we didn't walk much but we visited their botanical garden which is one of the best I've ever been to!


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We were traveling on a budget since we were going for 2 more weeks to Iceland and then few more days to Copenhagen so I can't really recommend any good restaurants. We were buying fresh food in Lidl and ate in our Airbnb. Also falafels! Swedes are pretty crazy about them and you can find the falafel food trucks in any corner. It is dirt cheap and very tasty. What I can actually recommend from the bottom of my heart is Espresso House; the best interiors I've seen and the coffee is to die for! They also have different kinds of snacks and they are all delicious. There is one in every corner but if you have time, try to visit Espresso House in Malmo train station. Usually from what I've seen train stations are rather filthy and a bit unsafe places, overcrowded and loud but this one... oh my god! Such a quiet, beautiful, amazingly designed place I would want to have delayed trains every freaking time but of course, since we are talking about Sweden there are no delayed trains or busses haha. This Espresso House made all of us so speechless we are still talking about it every time we speak of Malmo! What a place and what a city!


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Half a year later, we did a short but sweet stop in Gothenburg city. We were travelling from Norway to Croatia and found a very cheap flight to Zadar from Gothenburg, which is only 2 hours bus drive from Oslo so heck yes we wanted to stay for night or two. We didn’t know what to expect from the city and it was such a great feeling because nothing can disappoint!

I booked us a stay on Airbnb which was so last minute and I couldn’t even be picky. There was just one lady who was renting a room in her apartment with one double bed so I sent her a message whether all 3 of us can come and she said yes. She was really nice and the room was beautiful! It was important to me that the apartment was close to the centre so we can walk and not use public transport which is really expensive in Scandinavian countries!

The first day the rain didn’t stop so we spent our time in the shopping mall browsing. It was a bit boring but the wind was really blowing hard, hence being outside was out of the question. However, the next day was perfect and of course our first stop was the botanical garden! There was a wedding ceremony happening there at the time and it was the most magnificent venue ever!

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Later on, we were exploring the city with our friend’s friend who lives there. She showed us around and discovered some great places, streets, stores and spots we couldn’t find by ourselves. The most beautiful thing about Sweden in general is that all the city parks are too beautiful to handle. We spent the whole afternoon lying under the big trees and just enjoying our time. It was the best!

Gothenburg has a city tower situated on the hill which provides a great view of the whole town. People usually go here and spend time here as if it’s a park!

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After whole day of just walking and soaking the city in, Andrea took us to see sunset. It was 10pm and since the sun sets around 10:30pm in May it was just the perfect time to head towards the sea. In Gothenburg you can use the public transport but you really don’t need to because it isn’t a big city. If you like to walk you can be everywhere really soon!

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It was the perfect ending to both that day and our 2 week trip to Norway. We were soon heading to the airport which is connected really well with a bus departing right from the city centre! The company that provides the service is called Flygbussarna and the ticket was 10 EUR per person in one direction. We were sad to leave but really happy to go home at the same time :)

I am still blown away by this country and how nice are the people, how beautiful are the cities and how impressive their style is. You can’t really miss it. Nevertheless, I still want to visit Sweden’s magnificent nature and come back to camp during summertime. I want to experience more of the midnight sun and be there during Midsommar! Fingers crossed :)

That’s it! Stay adventurous and I wish you happy travels! :)