I use Canon 5d mk3 and Sigma art lenses (24mm and 35mm). I also have Mavic Air drone and Fujifilm Instax mini 90 camera for polaroid pictures.

where do you edit your photos

I edit all my photos in Lightroom CC for desktop.

what filters/presets do you use

Over time I have developed my own Lightroom presets so I use only them.

where are you based

I live in Zagreb, Croatia but I am available worldwide.

your prices

My prices vary depending on purpose. You can contact me here and let me know your needs and I will get back to you with the price details.

how are you able to afford all your travels?

I always travel on budget and I don’t spend my money on clothes, eating out, I don’t drink or smoke and I don’t have a car. When you combine all those things it leaves me with quite enough money for my travels. Photography is a well paid job so I am pretty grateful for the money and I don’t spend it recklessly. Also, my boyfriend usually does a tattoo guest spot in a country we travel to so with that money we cover the costs of food and accommodation which makes it so much easier budget wise.